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Zixent was formed in 2014 with a the inital team of 3. Within 2 years the team grew to 15 people and business was flooding in. Today, April 2017, we have 94 employees. 

Our solid team of dedicated and creative designers and developers are here at your disposal. You’ll have a dedicated team that will be here to work on your project through to it’s delivery.


UX Research

A key element to every project it the User Experience, we have specialists that work with testers to ensure your project delivers the right experience to your users.

Brand Identity

Our creative team will work with you to learn everything about your business, your values, mission, client insights etc and from this ensure you get a brand that follow through on this story.

Web Design

Our team of web developers use the latest web technologies to deliver leading edge web designs for you. You will be wow’ed, your clients will love to visit your web site.

Our go to website software it called Divi. It’s the industry leading design tool that runs on wordpress

Fearless Leaeders

Here’s our senior team

Eduard Ungureanu

Eduard Ungureanu

Project Manager

Christina Foster

Christina Foster

Creative Director

Jason Wardak

Jason Wardak

Visual Media

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